Current Executive Compensation


President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Paul Woods

Vice President, Finance And Chief Financial Officer

Shawn Gilhuly

Executive Vice President, Patient Centred Care

Laurie Gould


Vice President, Cancer Care for London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and Regional Vice
President, Cancer Services, South West for Cancer Care Ontario (CCO)

Neil Johnson


Integrated Vice President, Diagnostic Services and CIO
Glen Kearns


Vice President, Community and Stakeholder Relations
Tony LaRocca


General Counsel and Vice President, People and Culture

Susan Nickle

Vice President, Facilities Management
Dipesh Patel

Vice President Children's Hospital and Women's Care, Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer

Jackie Schleifer Taylor

Vice President, Mental Health and Emergency Services

Julie Trpkovski

Vice President, Patient Centred Care

Cathy Vandersluis

Vice-President Patient Centered Care

Carol Young Ritchie


The following roles are integrated senior executive roles with accountability at both London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph's Health Care, London. The paymaster for these roles is St. Joseph's Health Care, London. When clicking on the name you will be directed to the St. Joseph's Health Care, London website for details about compensation for the role.

Integrated Vice President, Research and Scientific Director, Lawson Health Research Institute
Dr. David Hill

Integrated Vice President, Medical Affairs and Medical Education
Dr. Robin Walker


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