Governance and Management

London Health Sciences Centre is committed to effective governance and management to help ensure our success in meeting the health care needs of our community. We are also committed to corporate accountability and transparency as a way of enhancing dialogue with our stakeholders. This section provides information and documents about our approach and our results in the areas of governance and management at LHSC.

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Annual Accessibility Plan

Audited Financial Statement (2016)

Auditor General's Report

Broader Public Sector Hospital Reporting Directive

Board of Directors

Community Advisory Council

Corporate Expense Policy

Executive Expenses

Hospital Service Accountability Agreement

Parking Revenue

Quality Improvement Plan 2013/2014

Quality Improvement Plan 2014/2015

Quality Improvement Plan 2015/2016

Quality Improvement Plan 2016/2017

Quality Improvement Plan 2017/2018

Report to the Community

Salary Disclosure

Strategy Map




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