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Rounds Details:

Date: Friday November 4, 2011

Presented by: Dr. Matt Davis, PGY-5 and former EMS Fellow for SWORBHP and Dr. Michael Lewell, Regional Medical Director, SWORBHP

Brief Description:

Pre-hospital 12-Lead ECGs are rapidly becoming more common as EMS services add this option to their cardiac monitors.  But when should paramedics be acquiring 12-Lead ECGs?  What can we do to improve the quality of our 12-Lead ECGs? And what are the benefits of pre-hospital 12-Lead ECGS for the patient?  

Dr. Matt Davis is continuing his local research into the utility and benefits of the pre-hospital 12-Lead ECG.  During the webinar, he will address these questions and provide updated information from his research.

Paramedics of all levels will benefit from attending this paramedic webinar as you will be able to:

  • Determine appropriate situations for obtaining a prehospital 12-lead ECG
  • Explain causes of artifact, and list remedies to obtain quality 12-lead ECGs
  • Discuss the  benefits of pre-hospital 12-lead ECG acquisition as presented in the 2010 AHA guidelines
  • Describe how an organized pre-hospital 12-lead ECG program can reduce time to percutaneous coronary intervention in select populations
  • Relate the impact of quality pre-hospital 12-Lead ECGs on Emergency Dept management of patients with STEMI and ACS
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Important Note:

The Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards were revised in November 2011.  Whenever reviewing paramedic rounds and webinars recorded before that date, be sure to consult the most current version of the Patient Care Standards for proper application of the medical directives.

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