Paramedic Rounds & Webinars

Important Note: When reviewing webinars, please remember to always consult the most current version of the ALS Patient Care Standards for proper application of the medical directives.

Please click on the links below to view the online paramedic rounds and webinars.

2012 Rounds & Webinars
Date Topic
05-Dec-2012 DNR... Are You Sure?
04-Dec-2012 Tips and Tricks for the Tricky IV

Glucose, Glucagon, and Goblins


Fit, Faint or Fatal?

15-Jun-2012 Cricothyrotomy - A Review
30-Apr-2012 CBRNe – Lessons Learned from Israeli Approach
28-Feb-2012 Pills That Can Kill
27-Jan-2012 Delegation: Big Brother or Best Friend?
 2011 Rounds & Webinars
Date Topic
14-Dec-2011 Termination of Resuscitation
04-Nov-2011 Pre-hospital 12 Lead ECG

Pediatric Respiratory Distress



12-Jul-2011 Shortness of Breath & Base Hospital Patching
02-May-2011 EMS Stroke Management
17-Mar-2011 Anaphylaxis

ECC Updates

09-Feb-2011 Sports Injuries
31-Jan-2011 Mass Casualty Incidents
04-Jan-2011 Acute Coronary Syndrome
2010 Rounds & Webinars
Date Topic
09-Dec-2010 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
26-Nov-2010 Autopulse
17-Nov-2010 Electrocution
26-Aug-2010 STEMI
15-Jul-2010 Congestive Heart Failure
21-May-2010 Tachyarrhythmias
16-Apr-2010 Stroke
19-Mar-2010 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
19-Feb-2010 Pediatric Airway Management
21-Jan-2010 Medication Overdose
2009 Rounds & Webinars
Date Topic
27-Nov-2009 Rounds Trauma - Burns, Crush
16-Oct-2009 Illicit Drug User

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