Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Effective January 15, 2015, SWORBHP will be implementing a new process for the application, submission and approval of Continuing Medical Education (CME) points.

Primary Care Paramedics will still require 8 CME points as provided via recertification, and Advanced Care Paramedics will still require 24 CME points including the 8-12 CME points awarded via recertification.

Please review the documents detailed below:

Key points to note about this release include, but are not limited to the following:

  • There is no longer any carry-over of CME points from one year to the next
  • Pre-approval and submission of CME is entered via the Paramedic Registry
  • Pre-approval of CME is highly recommended as opposed to submission following attendance
  • CME points are allocated based on how the educational activity enhances the clinical practice of paramedicine at the certification level of the paramedic

If you have any questions, please contact the Education Coordinator at 519-685-8500, ext. 78990 or

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