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Rounds Details:

Date: Tuesday December 4, 2012

Presented by: Dr. Adam Dukelow, (Local Medical Director), Christine Hardie (Regional Paramedic Educator), and Justine Jewell (CBRN Specialist and RN)

Brief Description:

SWORBHP Region’s IV success rate has been recently measured at just shy of 60%. Have you noticed your personal IV success rate? Are you happy with it? Join us for a webinar that discusses and demonstrates the tips and tricks that can help you increase your success rate. We’ll discuss those patients with difficult veins, how to asses them, and how to access them. We’ll even discuss blind insertion for those patients who need the line, but do not present with many options.   

Paramedics of all levels will benefit from joining this paramedic rounds, as you will be able to: 

-  Identify situations that may decrease the success of an IV attempt,

- Appreciate the various techniques available to increase successful IV cannulation,

- Identify the various components of CVAD,

- Volunteer to share tips, tricks, and experiences that may assist others to improve their IV success rates,

- Demonstrate increased proficiency in prehospital IV initiation

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