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Rounds Details:

Date: Wednesday December 14, 2011

Presented by: Dr. Sameer Mal, PGY-4 Emergency Medicine and EMS Fellow and Stephanie Romano, Regional Paramedic Education

Brief Description:

The treatment of cardiac arrest from either medical or traumatic causes may include the Termination of Resuscitation (TOR) based on the Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards and orders from a Base Hospital Physician (BHP) patch. Some paramedics are uncomfortable requesting TOR orders, preferring to transport the patient to the Emergency Department instead. 

What evidence is available to support the termination of resuscitation in both medical and traumatic arrests?  How does a medical cardiac arrest differ from a traumatic cardiac arrest?  What are the appropriate interactions between paramedics when an ACP arrives on the scene of a cardiac arrest already being treated by a PCP?  What information will the Base Hospital Physician need when requesting a TOR?  And what steps can the paramedic take when providing death notification to family members present at the scene? 

Paramedics of all levels will benefit from attending this paramedic webinar as you will be able to:

  • Summarize the evidence available to support TOR in both medical and traumatic cardiac arrests.
  • Explain the differences between medical and traumatic arrests
  • Formulate a plan of action and collaboration between PCPs and ACPs on the scene of a cardiac arrest
  • Relate the key information to provide to a BHP when requesting a TOR
  • Discuss the steps a paramedic can take when giving death notification to family members.
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