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04/27/2017: Mass Casualty Incidents Webinar

Did you miss our webinar on Mass Casualty Incidents? No worries, it is now available online.

04/25/2017: Ontario Base Hospital Group App Survey

The OBHG App working group is looking for feedback on the newly launched Ontario Paramedic Clinical Guide App.

04/25/2017: Local Medical Director Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Doran has become the new Local Medical Director and Medical Director of Education.

04/19/2017: Mass Casualty Incidents Webinar

Join us on Thursday April 27th from 1-2 PM for an interactive webinar on Mass Casualty Incidents Webinar.

04/13/2017: New Ask MAC Questions and Answers

The Medical Council has reviewed and posted another round of questions on our Ask MAC website.

04/07/2017: SMACC-DUB Presentation

Listen or watch as Dr. Leuck discusses fatigue, safe practice and the need for life-long learning and practice.

03/27/2017: Fanshawe Research Presentations

Fanshawe College is hosting their annual presentation of research projects on Apr 8th. Approved for 6 CME.

03/27/2017: New Tip of the Week

We have just posted a new Tip of the Week on documentation for the Base Hospital Physician Patch form.

03/16/2017: Paramedic Advisor Recruitment

The Ontario Base Hospital Group is seeking applications for new front line Paramedic Advisors for all provincial committees.

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