Medical Director - Larry Patrick

I was born in Windsor and graduated with a BSc from the University of Windsor in 1970. After I graduated from medical school at Western University in 1974, I interned at the Jewish General hospital in Montreal.

Returning to London to train in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, I went on staff at Victoria Hospital in 1980 and started the Cardiac Fitness Institute (CFI) in March of 1981.

I was active in the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and Canadian Medical Association (CMA), and recently got Life Memberships from both organizations. My wife Susie and I have 7 children and 9 grandchildren.

Ross Bishop and I started the CFI working with 5 outpatients. We now have over 2000 patients enrolled in the program and are in our third location. Up until the 1990s only a portion of the main floor of the building was for our use.

We established this program for care after a cardiac event. Risk-factor management is our priority.

You will get to see that this program was designed for people like you and me. As far as exercise, diet, and other lifestyle considerations, we have periods in our life that we do well and other times where we do not.

The guidance given you serves as a gentle push on a regular basis. Over time, plenty of options related to medicine, pharmacological management, and exercise have come. However, the basic features that this program has promoted for over 30 years have stayed the same.

Larry Patrick, M.D.

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