President’s Award for Community Service


  • Initiative: the nominee sees a need in the community and responds
  • Innovation: the nominee’s volunteer activity is innovative or unique in its approach (e.g. establishing a new program)
  • Impact: the nominee is making a significant positive impact in the community
  • Commitment: the nominee demonstrates substantial, continuing and current involvement
  • Inspiration: the nominee inspires others to volunteer or contribute
  • Leadership: the nominee demonstrates or is developing leadership capacity
  • Special Qualities: the nominee’s overall contribution to community service makes them particularly worthy of the President’s Award for Community Service

All current staff, physicians and volunteers of LHSC, London Health Sciences Foundation and Children’s Health Foundation are eligible. All nominees must have at least one year of continuous service at LHSC or its foundations to be eligible for this award.

Please note:

The volunteer activity must not directly benefit London Health Sciences Centre and its foundations and must be unpaid and not mandated by an authority (for example community service placements required by schools.)

This award is not intended to recognize international medical missions. As a local community service award, the volunteer activity must be of benefit to the southwestern Ontario community where the LHSC employee, physician or volunteer regularly works and / or lives.

Nomination materials:

Nomination form

Fillable template letter (Note - letters must be different and unique of each other)


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