Our Partners

London Health Sciences Centre depends on the support of its foundation and research partners, whose dedication allows our staff and physicians to continue providing our patients and their families with high-quality, compassionate and innovative care.

Father sitting on the ground with two young girls sitting on his lap with his arms around them smiling
Children's Health Foundation
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Two middle aged males in lab coats looking at a beaker in a lab setting
Lawson Health Research Institute
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Young mother laying on the grass with her young daughter sitting on her back both smiling at the camera
London Health Sciences Foundation
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Children's Health Foundation

Father sitting on the ground with his arms around his two young daughters, kissing one of them on the cheek.

Donor generosity is transforming the way our kids and families are cared for.

From supporting the creation of child-friendly spaces to filling those spaces with sources of playful distraction, our donors have contributed to a hospital environment that supports children to cope, recover and heal together with the family members who love and support them.

Our donors have made it possible for children coping with life-altering diagnoses to tackle their fears in healthy and productive ways. Children’s Hospital’s Music Therapy, Art Therapy and Therapeutic Clown programs would not exist without donor support. These specialized programs and services are what make the difference between a child spending endless hours in a sterile hospital room and their ability to play, laugh and learn with specially trained therapists.

Donor support is creating a healthier future for young people. Thanks to your generosity, world-renowned researchers are implementing evidence-based injury prevention initiatives and reducing wait times for mental health care to keep our kids safe. By supporting research that generates innovative solutions to the conditions that compromise children’s quality of life, our donors are helping young people to recover sooner with improved short- and long-term care outcomes.

Thank you for all that you do to build up our kids. Together, with our exceptional partners in paediatric health care, we are empowering families to overcome insurmountable odds. Our volunteers and donors support a wraparound care system where kids are treated like kids, so they can grow into vibrant adults.

Lawson Health Research Institute

Two males in lab coats looking at a beaker in a lab setting.

At Lawson Health Research Institute research and patient care go hand in hand. Each and every day Lawson researchers, staff and trainees work tirelessly to improve our understanding of disease processes, health solutions, and better systems of care in Canada, and around the world.

Lawson is proud to be the research institute of London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London, and affiliated with Western University and its constituent faculties. As a research community, we are fully integrated into London’s hospitals and have many successful programs, including the Children’s Health Research Institute. While each program helps us achieve research goals in specialized areas, we are a single, integrated research community across the city, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of health care.

Lawson is one of the largest hospital-based research institutes in Canada with over 600 researchers and another 900 research support staff working within our hospital walls. This team has delivered over 100 national and world firsts in health research.

We are part of an important family. It is research-based hospitals in Canada that bridge the gap between discovery and the next generation of innovative health delivery – and our researchers are doing just that. From drug and technology breakthroughs to better systems of care, our researchers are dedicated to delivering research that matters for patients and families.

To learn more about Lawson Health Research Institute and how our research discoveries impact the care you receive, visit www.lawsonresearch.ca.

London Health Sciences Foundation

Mother laying on the grass with her young daughter laying on her back, both smiling at the camera.

In just a few short years, the incredible generosity of donors has done so much.

Our donors have made it possible for patients to receive treatment based on their own DNA, reducing hospital stays and improving patient outcomes. They helped London become a Canadian leader in robotic surgery, which means getting patients back to the things they love to do faster.

Donors have supported innovative heart valve surgery that is now saving lives across the rest of the country. They gave hope to cancer patients by funding state-of-the-art imaging equipment that better locates and targets cancer cells for destruction. They helped researchers bring their ideas to life and plant the seeds for major medical advances in the future.

Amazing things have happened at our hospital because of donors – but we aren’t done.

With donor support, we will be able to renovate and modernize London Regional Cancer Program so cancer patients and their families experience more ease, comfort and privacy. We will replace current cardiac imaging equipment with state-of-the-art technology that enables faster, safer and more precise diagnosis and treatment. We will introduce new patient care programs designed to intervene at the earliest signs of mental health difficulties. We will study and develop innovative orthopaedic treatments that will preserve or replace joints to give people back their quality of life. We will also introduce ultrasound screenings so that complications are identified early so that moms and babies receive targeted care.

Our hospital can do all of these things – but not without your help.

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