We are recruiting Patient and Family Advisors!

One of the London Regional Cancer Program’s (LRCP) major strategies to improve the patient experience is to recruit Patient and Family Advisors. Advisors play an important role in working with our staff to improve the LRCP patient and family experience. The following roles will be available for those who are interested:

  • Patient and Family Advisors on Committees: These advisors will be placed on committees involved in making key decisions at LRCP. Some of the committees include the Continuous Quality Improvement Councils and the Regional Cancer Strategy Committee.
  • Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC): Advisors on the PFAC will hold monthly discussions about various patient experience improvement topics.
  • E-Advisors: These advisors will be relied on to review and provide their input on proposals, articles and other documents exclusively through email communication.

Advisory group

For more information about volunteering at LRCP as a Patient and Family Advisor, please contact:

Nicole Karma Bridge
(519) 685-8600  ext. 54007


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