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May 24, 2018

Each year during National Nursing Week, LHSC takes the opportunity to celebrate the best of the best among our nurses with its very own Nursing Awards program that recognizes individuals or teams across five categories.

This year LHSC handed out double the awards presented in past years, recognizing one winner in each category for nurses who work at Victoria Hospital and another winner in each category for nurses who work at University Hospital or any of our satellite locations.

Excellence in Nursing Practice

UH – Jean Thomas, RN, 6 Inpatients Cardiac Care

VH – Teresa Hunter, RN, Paediatric Emergency

Nursing Team

UH – 9th Floor Orthopaedic nursing team

VH – LRCP Chemotherapy Unit team

Everyday Nursing Leadership

UH – Michele Helka, RN, PACU

VH – Amy Domingues RN, Clinical Educator, MBCU/Gyne Inpatients

Embracing New Technology

UH – Ian Dashnay RN, Clinical Educator, ICU

VH – Perioperative Care RNs: Meredith Aziz, Karen Mallia, Steven Ryan, Janet Versolatto

Outstanding Preceptor

UH – Chelsea Heffernan, RPN, Medicine

VH – Kelly Miller, RN, Adult Emergency

“Although we only formally celebrate nursing one week each year, what our nurses do every day is admirable and appreciated,” says Carol Young-Ritchie, Chief Nurse Executive and Vice President at LHSC. “These awards are a showcase of the excellence in quality safe care that our nurses are delivering in a wide range of roles across the organization every day.”

Congratulations go out to all of the incredible 2018 winners and nominees:

Excellence in Nursing Practice

  • Maureen Aldridge – RN, CNS/Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
  • Cheryl Cook – RN, VAST
  • Lisa Coutts – RN, C5-100 ENT/Urology
  • Maureen Davis – RN, CEPS
  • Pat Doyle-Pettypiece –NP, CNS
  • Nancy Giles-McIntosh – RN, CCTC
  • Caleigh Hairsine – RN, NICU
  • Margaret Hamilton – RN, Epliepsy Unit
  • Jan Harris – RN, Acute Medicine
  • Robin Hicks – RN, Operating Room
  • Teresa Hunter – RN, Paediatric Emergency (VH winner)
  • Karine LaMarche – RN, C5 Surgical Care
  • Linda Langford – RN, NICU/Transport Team
  • Robert Miller – RN, SAMU/Palliative Care
  • Phillip Morrison – RN, Adult Inpatient Mental Health
  • Trish Neaves – RN, Interventional Radiology
  • Lisa Pearlman – NP, Pain and Symptom Management
  • Jasen Richards – RN, Mental Health
  • Jorgie Singor – RN, CCTC
  • Jean Thomas – RN, 6 Inpatients (UH winner)

Nursing Team

  • 4IP
  • 9th Floor Orthopaedic nursing team (UH winner)
  • Birthing Unit RNs – Julie Geddes and Alex Millson
  • C5-100, 200, and 300 units
  • Cardiovascular Surgery Operating Room nursing team
  • CC RAID team
  • Gynecology
  • LRCP Chemotherapy Unit (VH winner)
  • Neurosurgery Nurse Practitioners – Pat Doyle-Pettypiece, Chelsea Julian, Jackie Walker
  • Neurosurgical nursing team
  • NICU Nurse Practitioners
  • PACU team UH
  • Paediatric Critical Care Outreach Team
  • PAFE Committee – Brenda Morgan – RN, and Unit Clerk, Pam Gladysz
  • PCCU nursing team
  • PEPP team – Betty Ann Goertz – RN and Nurse Case Managers, Karen McCauley, Kim Weese, Jill Francis, Maureen Rego
  • UH-VH Critical Care Outreach Team
  • Nursing Acuity Base Staffing Assessment Team – UH/VH
  • VH Operating Room RNs – Brenda Burke, Brittany Medd, Paul Purdy
  • PACU team

Everyday Nursing Leadership

  • Tammy Buckley – RN, Day Surgery
  • Lesley Cook – RN, ICU
  • Dave Crump – RN, Adult Mental Health
  • Amy Domingues – RN, Clinical Educator MBCU/Gyne Inpatients (VH winner)
  • Nancy Giles-McIntosh – RN, CCTC
  • Michele Helka – RN, PACU (UH winner)
  • Nancy Hilborn – RN, Critical Care/CCOT
  • Dawn Kruk – RN, Coordinator Nephrology, SSU, Respirology
  • Leslie Orendorff-Robson – RN, OR
  • Marlene Maguire – RN, NICU
  • Lindsay McEllister – RN, Adult Mental Health
  • Tracy Moressa – RN, CCTC
  • Jasen Richards – RN, Adult Mental Health
  • Bonnie Szawara – RN, B9 General Surgery
  • Gina Tomaszewski – RN, Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network
  • Kimberly Towle – RN, Gynecology Inpatient Unit

Embracing New Technology

  • Perioperative Care RNs – Meredith Aziz, Karen Mallia, Steven Ryan, Janet Versolatto (VH winners)
  • Ian Dashnay – Clinical Educator, ICU (UH winner)

Outstanding Preceptor

  • Louise Bowers – RN, ICU
  • Nicole Burr – RN, CCTC
  • Cheryl Burt-Dinino – RN, Clinical Educator, CCTC
  • Margaret Hamilton – RN, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
  • Chelsea Heffernan – RPN, Medicine (UH winner)
  • Shelia Kicks – RPN, Mother Baby Care Unit
  • Marianne Martin – RN, Medicine
  • Kelly Miller – RN, Emergency (VH winner)
  • Jennifer Petersen – RN, Palliative Care
  • Carlos Reyes – RN, Adult Mental Health
  • Rachel Young – RN, Med/Surg ICU

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