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Second time around for "42K for Cancer"
LRCP Physicians and staff from the London Health Sciences Foundation are participating in the Boston Marathon on April 20th. Dubbed the "42K for Cancer", this fundraising activity will help provide access to two tests that may better help diagnose and prognosticate prostate cancer.

This is the second year that Dr. Joseph Chin and Dr. Eric Winquist are taking part in this prestigious and gruelling footrace. Two years ago, they helped raise nearly $80,000 for prostate cancer translational research. Indicative of their success, these serial marathoners will be joined by a complement of prostate cancer survivors, which amongst them will log 252 kms or the distance from London to Oshawa by way of Hamilton and Toronto.

All donations are welcome and can be done from the London Health Sciences Foundation website or directly to the runners. For more information on how to support the "42K for Cancer" please visit the London Health Sciences Foundation.

Imaging Applications in Prostate Cancer: The One Millimeter Cancer Challenge Workshop is now available on-line

Learn about the CIHR Team grant and OICR Imaging Piping Platform initiatives including the latest imaging techniques being developed for diagnosing, treating and managing prostate cancer.


Prostate Cancer Centre doctors publish major study

If you are taking vitamin E or selenium in the hopes of preventing cancer, you may want to reconsider. A major study has found that supplementation with vitamin E or selenium, alone or in combination, is not associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer or other cancers.

This study is published in the January 7 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. (Jan. 6, 2009)

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