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The Thames Valley Hospital Planning Partnership is a partnership of the hospitals in the counties of Oxford, Elgin, Middlesex and the City of London.


Its members include the following hospitals:  

  • Alexandra Hospital (Ingersoll)  
  • London Health Sciences Centre  
  • Middlesex Hospital Alliance  
  • Four Counties Health Services  
  • Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital  
  • St. Joseph’s Health Care London  
  • St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital  
  • Tillsonburg Memorial Hospital
  • Woodstock General Hospital


The TVHPP meets on a regular basis to address issues of shared interest and to undertake joint projects.


The Chiefs of Staff, CEOs and Board Chairs are the voting members of the TVHPP.


A CEO Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis to address the business of the TVHPP.  The Chiefs of Staff Committee meets bi-monthly to address common clinical issues and the Board Chairs and Vice-Chairs meet quarterly to address governance issues.


For more information contact:


Paul Collins, Chair, TVHPP Executive Committee and President and CEO, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital by e-mail at:


Dawne Russell, Administrative Assistant, Strategy & Project Leadership by e-mail at

Click here to read TVHPP reports.

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Updated February 2011

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