What to expect when you are referred to CFI?

A referral must be received from a family physician, cardiologist or a cardiac surgeon. We are not able to accept self-referrals.

Once we receive the referral, your name will be put into our database and we will initiate contact within 1 - 2 weeks. We will let you know when your appointment with our physician is scheduled for and follow up with a letter and an introduction to CFI package.

Package contents:

  • Letter of introduction
  • Blood work requisition – to be completed before your first appointment at CFI
  • Information about what to bring – medication, health card, clothing to wear
  • Information about the test

**In keeping with LHSC policies, we are a fragrance free area


You will be required to attend an orientation/education session at our facility. These sessions are typically held Monday afternoons and are not drop in sessions. A Registered Nurse will conduct this session which last approximately 1- 1.5 hours. Spouses and family members are invited to join you.

You will learn about your heart, how exercise affects your heart, and how changes in diet can affect your overall well- being.

What to expect at the First Exercise Session:

As a patient of the CFI, when you arrive for your first supervised exercise class you can expect:

  • Blood pressure check
  • Orientation of equipment to be used (bike or treadmill)
  • Participation in Exercise Therapist-led warm up prior to, and cool down after, ½ hour exercise session
  • Pulse (heart rate) check performed by Exercise Therapist during exercise to ensure safe/effective effort
  • Check up from Exercise Therapist to adjust equipment settings as needed
  • Instruction from Exercise Therapist in taking (recovery) pulse check at conclusion of class
  • Opportunity to ask questions during and at conclusion of class

Exercise Component:

As a patient at the CFI you will have the opportunity to attend instructor led group exercises classes. We offer 16 scheduled classes per week, each consisting of a warm-up, 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, and a cool down. Qualified Exercise Therapists will guide you through each class and monitor your progress through blood pressure checks, adherence to target heart rates, and attention to perceived levels of exertion. In addition to the classes, we offer 14 hours of “Flex-time” per week. This is time allotted for you to come in and use the cardiovascular and weight equipment on your own. Exercise Therapists will be on hand to create an individualized program for you and will be available to answer any questions you may have while you workout independently. To support the exercise component of the program, our Exercise Therapists also offer monthly seminars so that you can enhance your learning on various topics related to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Physician Support:

While you are a patient at CFI, you will have the opportunity to speak with our physicians about your cardiac condition. They will supervise your exercise stress test, talk about your medications, lab results and lifestyle modification. They will be truthful and direct because they want the best outcome for you. The physicians will also send information and results to your family physician keeping them in your circle of care. We ask that your questions to the physicians be of cardiac nature and to follow up other non-cardiac health concerns with your family doctor.

Nurse Support:

The Registered Nurse at CFI has a comprehensive background in cardiac diseases and care and works in collaboration with our physicians. She/he is able to speak with you about your medications, diet, exercise, lifestyle modification and lab results.


The Registered Dietitian at CFI has specialized training in foods and human nutrition, and can assess overall diet quality and provide information and education regarding healthy foods and choices to promote cardiovascular health. Individuals who are not meeting their target goals for lipids, glucose and / or blood pressure can book an appointment with the dietitian for assessment and counselling within the CFI program.


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