CSTAR Clinicians Perform Minimally Invasive Surgery

What is minimally invasive surgery (MIS)?

MIS is the future of surgical care in Canada. MIS is sometimes referred to as ‘key hole’ surgery because of the extremely small incisions surgeons use to access a patient’s heart or prostate, for example.

Utilizing the very latest computer-assisted technologies, MIS minimizes surgical trauma, postoperative complications, duration of recovery and time to return to work.

How can a patient have access to MIS ?

Not all patients are candidates for this type of surgery. And, because MIS is a relatively new approach to surgical care, not all surgeons are familiar enough with these technologies to perform these types of procedures.

We recommend you discuss these options with your physician and surgeon.

How are robots used in MIS ?

London is home to Canada’s only two robot, city-wide MIS program. The use of robots within this program is still very much in the research phase. CSTAR’s surgeons are carefully evaluating the impact of the use of robots on the surgical patient’s care experience.


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