Patient Care Manager

  Pat Merrifield is accountable for the operating budget, and is responsible for managing the human and physical resources required to provide optimal patient care.

Patient Care Coordinator

  Mary Beth Billick is the Patient Care Coordinator for the Medical-Surgical ICU.  She is accountable for nursing practice and staffing coverage.

Charge Nurses

  Our Charge Nurses are Diane Butler, Denise Fluttert, Barb Kenny, Cathy Morrison, Joanne Kelly Nichols, Linda Reid, and Sue Siegel.  Charge nurses provide 24 hour a day coverage for both the Medical-Surgical ICU and Cardiac Surgery Recovery Unit ( CSRU). Their role is to facilitate patient flow (e.g., admissions, discharges, etc.), ensure appropriate staffing for patient needs, and support the bedside staff. They have many years of critical care experience, and provide an excellent resource for staff, patients, and families.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

  Cathy Mawdsley focuses on providing continuity and consistency in the plan of care for patients, families, and Medical-Surgical ICU staff. She also coordinates transfer and discharge planning for long term stay patients in Bay 6 of the MSICU.

Clinical Nurse Educators

  Our Clinical Nurse Educators are Rachelle McCready and Pam Bushell.  They specialize in new staff orientation, on-going education, and evidence-based practice for clinical nursing staff in the fast paced, ever changing environment of the MSICU.

Clinical Nurses

  There are approximately 200 nurses who work full-time, part-time, job share or casual in both the MSICU and CSRU. Every nurse in the MSICU is a Registered Nurse with further training in critical care. Some have further certification from the Canadian Nurses’ Association as Certified Nurses in Critical Care, Canada (CNCC-C).

Each nurse takes care of one or two patients at a time. They are responsible for on-going monitoring of the patient’s condition. Nurses provide therapies, co-ordinate care with other members of the team, provide for physical care and comfort, and are a great source of information and support to patients and their families.



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