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Current Research Projects

Title:  Functional Neuroimaging of Intrinsic Hemodynamic Networks in Bipolar Disorder, Unipolar Depressive Disorder and Healthy Controls:  Finding a Biomarker for Bipolarity.


This study will examine how brain networks function in people who have depression or bipolar disorder to see if we can use these differences to distinguish between the two disorders. By comparing people with depression, people with bipolar disorder and individuals with no mental health concerns so we can learn more about these conditions and how to treat them more effectively.

Please Note:  We are currently in need of healthy individuals between the ages of 16-40 who have no family history of mental illness.

If you have any questions or interest in these studies, please contact the FEMAP Research Coordinator at: 519-646-6000 ext. 65196.

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Title:  The Neurobiological Basis of Affective and Social Dysregulation.


Depression often changes the way you think about things and cope with difficulties so that it becomes hard to shake feelings of sadness and enjoy the things you usually enjoy.
The purpose of this study is to look at the way the mind and brain respond when people experience reminders of things that might be pleasant or unpleasant. We are particularly interested in ways that the brain changes the impact of pleasant and unpleasant reminders to help control mood.
By comparing individuals who have experienced depression (including individuals with Bipolar Disorder) to people who have not, we hope to learn more about how thinking and brain function may sometimes temporarily go wrong to give rise to depression or bipolar disorder. We hope this research may one day assist in the development of more effective therapies.

If you have any questions or interest in this study, please contact Steve at: 519 685 8500 ext. 36565.

Title: Candidate Neuronal Circuits in Mental Illness.


This study will examine how the various parts of the brain are interconnected while at rest as well as how brain networks change in mental illness. By comparing people with depression or schizophrenia, with individuals with no mental health concerns we are hoping to learn more about these conditions and ultimately help devise new treatment strategies. This study involves having an MRI.

If you are interested in participating in this study or have any questions, please contact Betsy the Study Coordinator at: 519-663-3713.

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