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CIHR Team Grant & OICR Imaging Pipeline Platform
One Millimetre Cancer Challenge Workshop

November 19, 2010 London, Ontario

Imaging Applications
in Prostate Cancer


Learning Objectives

  1. Educate the audience regarding the CHIR Team Grant and OICR Imaging Pipeline initiatives
  2. Familiarize the audience with new imaging techniques being developed and validated for the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer
  3. Participate in the identification of issues regarding the implementation of new imaging techniques in prostate cancer

NSERC CREATE Program Acknowledgement

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Update on CIHR Team Project: Imaging-pathology registration for prostate cancer diagnosis
Jose Gomez Lemus, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, UWO
Aaron Ward, PhD, Imaging Research Labs, Robarts Research Institute
Eli Gibson, PhD, Imaging Research Labs, Robarts Research Institute

Update on Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy in London
Stephen Pautler, MD, Assistant Professor, Divisions of Urology and Surgical Oncology, Departments of Surgery and Oncology, UWO, St. Joseph Health Care, London

Image Guidance of Robotic Prostatectomy: Modelling, registration, tracking and visualisation
Philip “Eddie” Edwards, PhD, Lecturer in Medical Image Computing, Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College, London, UK

OICR Strategic Directions
Pascale MacGregor, PhD, Director, Strategic Planning, OICR

Pathology of Prostate Cancer: Changes in the approach to Gleason grading and staging of prostate cancer
David Grignon, MD, FRCP(C), Centennial Professor of Pathology, Vice Chairman, Clinical Programs, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN

Targeting Prostate Cancer Cell Migration: Novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets
John Lewis, PhD, Robert Hardie Chair in Translational Prostate Cancer Research Director, Translational Prostate Cancer Research Group, LRCP, and
Assistant Professor, Departments of Oncology, Surgery and Medical Biophysics, UWO

Update on Focal Therapies for Prostate Cancer

Joseph Chin, MD, FRCS(C), Chair, Division of Surgical Oncology, and
Professor of Urology & Oncology, UWO

This event is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification program of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This program has been reviewed and approved by Continuing Professional Development, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, The University of Western Ontario. (5.5 hours)

This program has no commercial support.

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