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Dr. Lewis The London Prostate Cancer Centre is a hub for fundamental, translational and clinical trials research directly related to prostate cancer in London. This gives researchers the opportunity to communicate regularly and work closely together, leading to fruitful collaborations that will inevitably result in important discoveries.

Central to prostate cancer research efforts in London is the Translational Prostate Cancer Research Group (TPCRG). The TPCRG’s purpose is to foster an environment where fundamental cancer researchers, surgeons, and clinical researchers work together. As a team, we can quickly transfer research discoveries from the "bench to the bedside" and make real advances in prostate cancer control.

In September 2002, Robert Hardie, a researcher in the Division of Urology at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), donated $1 million to create a research chair position to study urologic cancers. In 2006, Dr. John Lewis joined our team and now directs the The Robert Hardie Translational Prostate Cancer Research Laboratory, part of the Lawson Health Research Institute at LHSC's Victoria Hospital.

One of the key objectives of this coordinated approach is to equip future researchers with the skills to work on the threshold between discovery and applied research. Whether new discoveries begin at the bedside or the bench, our overall goal is to understand and eventually conquer prostate cancer.

The CIHR Team in Image-Guided Prostate Cancer Management is a 5-year funded grant that will combine the expertise of scientists, imagers, medical physicists, and clinician researchers in London to develop innovative imaging techniques to accurately identify and characterize prostate cancer at the individual level, thus significantly improving our ability to diagnose and treat this disease.

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