Non-Medical Student Orientation

This orientation reflects content presented during the in-person LHSC Corporate Orientation and other mandatory training required for being on-site at LHSC. The orientation program provides important information pertaining to your non-medical student experience at London Health Sciences Centre. Be sure to complete all mandatory modules and the registration form.

Mandatory Online Orientation

Please ensure you click on the link below to the Student Placement Orientation Compliance Waiver. A signed copy of this waiver must be submitted to Student Affairs, along with your original criminal screen, before the start of your student placement.

Link: Student Placement Orientation Compliance Waiver

Please review the following mandatory learning modules

LHSC Training

Mission Statement

Core Values

Emergency Codes

Privacy & Confidentiality

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Excelling at Accessible Customer Service - Do not complete the quiz

Integrated Accessibility Standards and Human Rights 

Code of Conduct (video):


Patient Experience

Definitions and Concepts

The Heart of Patient Experience

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

Infection Prevention & Control

Chain of Transmission - Do not complete the quiz
Hand Hygiene - Do not complete the quiz
Routine Practices - Do not complete the quiz

InfluenzaDo not complete the quiz

Cytotoxic Safety

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

WHMISDo not complete the quiz at the end of this module. Complete the one below

WHMIS Quiz Complete and self-assess

WHMIS Quiz Answers

Hospital Safety

Ontaio's Occupational Health and Safety ActDo not complete the quiz

Panic Alarms

ASD & Panic Alarms Module completion form

Restraint Policy

Standard of Nursing Care

Patient Safety / CPSI Competencies

Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Abusive and Inappropriate Behaviours Policy

Workplace Violence Prevention

Fall Prevention

Critical Injury Overview

Critical Injury Reporting

Fire Response and Evacuation - Do not complete the quiz

Radiation Awareness

Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention Program - Do not complete the quiz

Guidelines for Safe Social Networking, Blogging and Online Activity

Young Workers Fact Sheet (ages 25 and under)

Young Workers Safety Tips (ages 25 and under)


University Hospital

Victoria Hospital

For Allied Health Students ONLY

PowerChart Fundamentals

For Nursing Students ONLY

Electronic Patient Record eLearning Modules

Introducing LearnNow

Intravenous Direct Administration - At the discretion of the placement unit

For students working in Mental Health ONLY

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Code White Policy & Procedure

The Mental Health Act


Non-Medical Student Registration

Submitting the registration form verifies that you have completed the orientation modules above, credits you for completing the online orientation program, and registers you with Student Affairs, which is required in order for you to be on-site for placement at London Health Sciences Centre.

LHSC Student Registration Form

Please note: Lawson Research students and/or Medical student placements are not required to complete the online registration form linked below. Please contact Lawson Research or Medical Affairs for more information on your registration process.


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