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A message from our Senior Resident/Fellow :

Welcome – We hope you will enjoy this rotation and we think you will have a great time on our service. We are quite busy and encourage active participation of every member of the team.


Here are some general key points of how this rotation works:


- We usually meet at 6:30 on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and 6:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday. We meet first at the Thoracic Surgery Unit on C5-300 (5th floor) at Victoria Hospital.


- On Tuesday at 7:00 there is Dr. Malthaner's teaching “Jeopardy” for residents between 7:00 and 8:00. 


- On Wednesday at 7:00 we have M&M, with teaching/presentations between 8:00 and 9:00. There is coffee/breakfast provided.


- The residents who are assigned to the OR should be there at 7:45 to meet the first patient and get the room ready.


- Dr. Fortin spends a lot of time doing a weekly schedule that we try to follow. On this weekly schedule, the resident responsible for consults is also responsible to round on off-service patients that we saw in consult.


- We work very closely with nurses and other professionals (Danielle NP, Linda M NP, Linda H NP, Yuan PA). You'll get to meet them!


- We have 3 consultants here, Drs. Fortin, Malthaner and Inculet. They each take one week call at the time. For teaching purposes, Drs. Fortin and Malthaner are in 1 team and Dr. Inculet is the other team. It makes reporting to staff much easier.


- If not already done, you should verify that your login works for image viewing in OneView and ClinicalConnect. If not, contact the HELPDESK (4-HELP).


- Every Thursday at noon, there is a lunch provided by the Thoracics department and it is a good time to socialize with our peers since we are all very busy during the week!


- The fellows are responsible for every patient and must know what happened during the day, you should report to them.


- We cover the OR, the clinics, emergency/inpatients consults and endoscopy. If you are not scheduled anywhere, or if your planned activity is over, you are welcome to help the other members of the team!


- Calls start at 6PM. It is important that the residents who were in the OR/admitted new patients give a proper handover to the person on-call.


- Patients admitted for procedure should have a dictated Admission note.


- During the weekend, it is expected that the resident on call on Friday and Sunday help for rounds on Saturday, and the resident on call on Saturday helps for Sunday rounds.


- We do a lot of procedures, and we are responsible to teach you how to perform them safely. You will eventually gain more autonomy, but we are ALWAYS available to assist you during a procedure. Don't hesitate to ask and don't overestimate your abilities!


We do work hard, but it is a very gratifying specialty and I think that you will learn a lot!


Do not hesitate to contact us by cell phone at any time.

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