The Pulmonary Retransplant Registry

The Pulmonary Retransplant Registry was established in late 1991 in order to provide a summary of the worldwide experience with redo lung transplantation at the 12th annual meeting of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation in 1992. We invited all known centers performing pulmonary transplants to join the Registry and to provide information about their retransplant patients for our database. During the past six years an increasing number of programs have participated in the Pulmonary Retransplant Registry, which now includes complete data on 250 patients from 48 centers in North America, Europe and Australia. Thanks to everyone's cooperation and hard work, the Registry has been able to identify the predictors of survival and graft function after pulmonary retransplantation.

Activities of the Registry

The Pulmonary Retransplant Registry is supported by grants from the Internal Research Fund and the Multi-Organ Transplant Program of the London Health Sciences Centre, London, Canada. This web site is hosted by London Health Sciences Centre. Information is provided for summary purposes only and is not intended to be medical advise.
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