The Pulmonary Retransplant Registry

Activities of the Registry
The Pulmonary Retransplant Registry is a collaborative effort among centers performing redo lung transplants. Data collected at each center are sent to the Data Management Team at the London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario, Canada. Here the data are compiled and verified to insure that the information is accurate and complete. Detailed statistical analyses of the data are performed each fall, presented at scientific meetings the following spring and then published in thoracic surgical and transplantation journals.

The Registry collects the following types of information on all pulmonary retransplantations:
demographics, such as gender and age of the recipient
pre-transplant diagnosis leading to the initial lung transplant procedure
cause of graft failure after primary lung transplantation
recipient's condition before retransplantation
type of retransplant procedure (ipsilateral or contralateral single lung or bilateral lung)
post-transplant complications and duration of intensive care unit and hospital stays
anti-rejection drugs taken by patients
long-term survival and lung graft function
donor information

By analyzing this information, we can continue to improve the results of redo lung transplantation, resulting in enhanced survival and a better quality of life for these patients.