The Pulmonary Retransplant Registry

United States

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama
Dr. George L. Zorn, Jr.
Cardiothoracic Transplant Program
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1900 University Boulevard, 720 T
Birmingham, Alabama 35294-0016
Telephone: 205-934-2536
Fax: 205-934-7514

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
Dr. David J. Ross
Pulmonary Section
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
8700 Beverly Boulevard, Room 6732
Los Angeles, California 90048-0750
Telephone: 310-855-4685
Fax: 310-967-0129

Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, California
Dr. Bruce A. Reitz
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, California 94305-5247
Telephone: 415-725-4497
Fax: 415-725-3846

Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, Illinois
Dr. Edward R. Garrity Jr.
Loyola University Medical Center
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
2160 South First Avenue, Building 110, Room 6271
Maywood, IL 60153-5586
Telephone: 708-327-5864
Fax: 708-327-2424

University of Iowa Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa
Dr. Kemp H. Kernstine
University of Iowa Hospital
342 Lexington Avenue
Iowa City, Iowa 52246
Telephone: 319-356-3407
Fax: 319-356-3891

University of Kentucky, Chandler Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky
Dr. Juan A. Sanchez
University of Kentucky, Chandler Medical Center
800 Rose Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0084
Telephone: 606-323-6497
Fax: 606-323-1700

Ochsner Clinic, New Orleans, Louisiana
Dr. P. Michael McFadden
Department of Surgery, Thoracic-Cardiovascular Section
Ochsner Foundation Hospital
1514 Jefferson Highway
New Orleans, Louisiana 70121
Telephone: 504-842-3966
Fax: 504-842-3100

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. David J. Sugarbaker
Division of Thoracic Surgery
Brigham and Women's Hospital
75 Francis Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
Telephone: 617-732-6824
Fax: 617-566-6434

University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dr. Mark Iannettoni
University of Michigan Medical Center
1500 East Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-0344
Telephone: 313-763-7337
Fax: 313-764-2255

University of Minnesota/ Fairview-University Medical Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dr. Marshall I. Hertz
Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine
Box 398, University of Minnesota Health Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
Telephone: 612-625-9922
Fax: 612-626-6968

St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. George B. Mallory, Jr.
Pediatric Lung Transplant Program
St. Louis Children's Hospital
1 Children's Place
St. Louis, Missouri 63110
Telephone: 314-454-2694
Fax: 314-454-2515

Washington University-Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. G. Alec Patterson
Section of Thoracic Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine
One Barnes Hospital Plaza, Suite 3108, Queeny Tower
St. Louis, Missouri 63110-1013
Telephone: 314-362-6025
Fax: 314-362-0328

Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
Dr. Victor F. Tapson
Duke University Medical Center
Box 31175
Durham, North Carolina 27710
Telephone: 919-684-6237
Fax: 919-681-7502

University of North Carolina Medical Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Dr. Thomas M. Egan
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
CB #7065, 108 Burnett-Womack Boulevard
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 97599-7065
Telephone: 919-966-3381
Fax: 919-966-3475

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dr. Joseph E. Bavaria
Division of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
3400 Spruce Street, 4 Silverstein Pavilion
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-4283
Telephone: 215-662-2017
Fax: 215-349-5798

University of Pittsburgh, Presbyterian Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dr. Bartley P. Griffith
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
C700, Presbyterian University Hospital
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213-2582
Telephone: 412-648-9890
Fax: 412-648-1029

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee
Dr. James E. Loyd
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, T-1217
Nashville, Tennessee 37232-2650
Telephone: 615-322-2386
Fax: 615-343-7448

Baylor-Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas
Dr. Adaani Frost
Medical Director, Lung Transplant Program
Baylor College of Medicine
6550 Fannin, #1239
Houston, Texas 77030
Telephone: 713-790-2076
Fax: 713-790-3648

University of Texas Health Center, San Antonio, Texas
Dr. John Calhoon
Department of Surgery, University of Texas Health Sciences Center
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78284-7841
Telephone: 210-567-6863
Fax: 210-567-2877

University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, Charlottesville, Virginia
Dr. Curtis G. Tribble
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
P.O. Box 181-95
Charlottesville, Virginia 22908
Telephone: 804-924-2145
Fax: 804-982-3885

University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, Washington
Dr. Douglas Wood
University of Washington Medical Center
1959 NE Pacific Street, SA 25
P.O. Box 390633
Seattle, Washington 98195-0001
Telephone: 206-543-3093
Fax: 206-543-0325

University of Wisconsin Medical Center, Madison, Wisconsin
Dr. Robert Love
Division of Thoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery
University of Wisconsin Hospital
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53792
Telephone: 608-263-5215
Fax: 608-263-0454