Agnus HopeSchneider

2015 Recipient

President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Serve Our Patients

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Agnus (Aggie) HopeSchneider is a Unit Clerk in the Oncology Day Unit (ODU) at LHSC’s London Regional Cancer Program. She has been working at LHSC for 16 years, and at the LRCP since 2008.

Aggie transitioned to a new role as the main clerk in the ODU earlier this year, and since then she has built such a rapport with patients and their families that when she is away on holidays, they ask where Aggie is and state how much they miss her. She fosters a safe and approachable atmosphere for patients, and is always very professional and consistent with her care.

Aggie is a wonderful inspiration to others by demonstrating and living the core values of LHSC – respect, trust, and collaboration. She goes above and beyond to make special arrangements to accommodate patients and their specific needs, and does so with a caring attitude and a smile. She greets all of the ODU patients by their name and often knows their family members or caregivers names as well. She works to put the patient’s needs first when scheduling bookings and arranging treatment, and both patients and staff have noticed Aggie’s commitment to her patients. Aggie’s focus is always patient-oriented, and she has become a very reassuring and calming presence for patients in oncology who know that if they have any concerns with their appointment needs, they can easily speak to her and absolve their worries.

Nominators describe how Aggie exemplifies the difference between just completing job duties, and performing them with dedication, heart and soul.

2015 Nominees

  • *Agnus HopeSchneider

  • Brenda Morgan