Cathy Vandersluis

2014 Recipient

President’s Award for Leadership

Cathy Vandersluis

Cathy Vandersluis is LHSC’s Director of Clinical Neurological Sciences (CNS) and Infection Safety and has worked at LHSC for 29 years.

Cathy is an enthusiastic and positive leader with a ‘can do’ attitude, effecting change through her leadership with tangible and sustainable results. Cathy is skilled at connecting with others for a shared vision. She speaks passionately about patient care, and leads by example to ensure her team is performing well.

As a new administrative leader within CNS, Cathy worked very hard to establish honest and open relationships with staff. Her active listening and management style led to buy-in from staff resulting in the expansion of the Epilepsy Program provincially, and significant improvements in the “door-to-needle” time for stroke care. Cathy mentors her team and other leaders in their career development, encouraging individuals to not only be effective members within her team, but to be effective and thriving employees for the organization as a whole.

Cathy has led considerable change at LHSC, particularly in infection prevention and control, and in stroke care. She is known throughout the region for her extensive knowledge and strategic planning and execution.

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