Dan Logie

2013 Recipient

President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Work Together

Dan Logie

Dan Logie is the coordinator of the Adult Eating Disorders Service, a relatively new program at LHSC.

Nominated by the entire adult eating disorders team, Dan is described as a leader who is trusted and admired. His approachable manner ensures that all opinions and concerns are heard and respected.

As the coordinator of a new program, Dan had the difficult task of developing a program and team from the ground up. He has been an integral part of assembling the team and supporting them though all the challenges that accompany program development. Dan is described as having a high regard for the variety of strengths that each team member brings to the overall dynamic. His approach helps the team feel more invested and confident in the decisions being made, contributing to a spirit of collaboration throughout the team.

Dan comes to work every day with a smile on his face and his team says this enthusiasm, along with great sense of humour, is contagious. He has helped this relatively new program develop a strong foundation that has preserved and inspired the clinical team's ability to focus on patient care and quality of service. His dynamic approach fosters strong community partnerships and is helping the program grow to serve this patient population.

2013 Nominees

  • Helen Battler
  • Kim Harrison
  • Dan Logie