Dr. Adam Dukelow

2017 Recipient

President’s Award for Physician Leadership

Dr. Adam Dukelow

Dr. Adam Dukelow is the Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at London Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Dukelow is known to provide thorough, open and honest leadership while recognizing the value of each team member in addressing challenges.

Described as a natural leader, one of his nominators notes, “Adam exudes confidence while maintaining humility and openness for feedback from all individuals whom he encounters. He is an excellent role model for colleagues, residents, medical students, paramedics, support staff and leaders in our organization.”

Dr. Dukelow has been a supporter and leader of the Emergency Department System Transformation (EDST) project. Dr. Dukelow co-led a group of frontline care providers and medical leaders and was central to developing a project charter and steering committee governance structure. He oversaw all 12 projects designed to improve the timeliness and quality of care by restructuring care processes. The EDST project has shown to significantly improve ED metrics and patient satisfaction scores.

Dr. Dukelow’s thoughtful approach to leadership transcends to his interactions with patients and families. While working in the emergency department, Dr. Dukelow maintains a focus on providing exceptional care, no matter how many directions he is pulled in. One colleague expresses that Dr. Dukelow always leads by example while working in the emergency department, stating, “He is never seen as hurried and makes the time to discuss whatever he is faced with in the moment.”

While Dr. Dukelow says he was humbled to be nominated and receive the award, he lauds the entire team that has worked hard on the EDST project.

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