Dr. Andrew House

2015 Recipient

President’s Award for Physician Leadership

Dr. Andrew House profile photo

Dr. Andrew House is the Chief of the Division of Nephrology whose practice spans 17 years at LHSC.

Dr. House is described as exuding warmth and caring during interactions with all hospital staff, peers, patients and family members. Patients, students, and colleagues have a high degree of trust in Dr. House, knowing he will work tirelessly to ensure their experience is meaningful.

Dr. House volunteered to be a super-user during the implementation of HUGO, coming in on weekends to help physicians, residents, nurses and medical students learn how to best use HUGO to deliver excellent care to patients. A natural leader and teacher, Dr. House encourages all team members to participate in discussions around patient and clinical issues, often reminding others of the value of various perspectives. Throughout his career, Dr. House has mentored the careers of several medical students, internal medicine residents, nephrology fellows and junior nephrology attending physicians. Dr. House has made the education program a priority during his tenure as chief, developing several teaching tools to educate a variety of learners ranging from medical students to ICU fellows. Dr. House is also viewed as a mentor to many physicians new to the hospital system and his expertise in teaching and learning have helped many achieve a number of successes in their own careers.

Described as a strong patient advocate and superb clinician, Dr. House regularly role models for his peers what it means to go the extra mile for a patient. Dr. House’s compassion for his colleagues and teammates also translates into tremendous compassion and empathy for his patients. Even years after a patient has passed away, Dr. House maintains relationships with the family and even on the busiest of days he will find time to invite a family member who has stopped by into his office for conversation.

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