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Dr. Mandar Jog

2014 Recipient

President’s Award for Innovation

Dr. Mandar Jog

Dr. Mandar Jog is a neurologist in Clinical Neurological Sciences at LHSC’s University Hospital where he has worked for 16 years. He is the Director of the National Parkinson Foundation Centre of Excellence in Movement Disorders. He is a designated Faculty Scholar for the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry for 2014-2016 and has received the Dean’s Award of Excellence. He is a true collaborator, working with individuals and departments in new and inventive ways to bring expertise to a clinical issue with exciting results. Dr. Jog has a very creative mind and thought process that is anchored in reality – not only of the research world but the world of patient care.

The upper limb and neck areas are very difficult to assess movement, and Dr. Jog has used sensor technology to examine tremors through mechanics and amplitude. Dr. Jog developed an innovative analysis technique to understand limb tremor which has patents pending. The patents have led to a company based on the technology called MDDT, which has gone on to make substantial developments in the tremor analysis technology.

Dr. Jog has solved a complex engineering problem of human dynamics in the upper limb and neck in a unique way that has already shown clear therapeutic benefit in the patient population. This has resulted in a technology that provides a better approach to treating upper limb tremor and cervical neck dystonia. There is clear evidence of the translational nature of this research and its potential for commercialization.

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