Dr. Simon Levin

2013 Recipient

President’s Award for Physician Leadership

Dr. Simon Levin

Dr. Simon Levin is the section head of paediatric neurology at LHSC’s Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Levin is described as having extraordinary interpersonal skills with patients, families, peers and colleagues. He is consistently positive, optimistic and respectful, whether the individual is a peer section head, or the sibling of a patient. Dr. Levin empowers parents by recognizing their expertise as those who know their child best. His philosophy is to ensure that the patient and family remain the focus of all care. The patient is always the priority, regardless of when the regular workday ends.

Dr. Levin places a high value on collaboration with other subspecialists, and members of the health-care team. Under Dr. Levin’s leadership, the section of paediatric neurology has realized a number of gains including a comprehensive regional epilepsy service and a full range of subspeciality clinics and services.

Dr. Levin’s teaching experience is highly valued amongst medical students, clinical clerks, paediatric and neurology trainees and fellows and he has many undergraduate and post-graduate teaching awards to his credit. In addition, he also served as paediatric program director for two terms.

Through his sense of humour and respect, Dr. Levin has demonstrated leadership in patient care, education and administration during his 30 years of practice.

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