Dr. Victoria Siu

2016 Recipient

President’s Award for Physician Leadership

Dr. Victoria Siu

Dr. Victoria Siu, who celebrates her 25th anniversary with LHSC this year, is the Director of the Medical Genetics program. 

Dr. Siu was nominated by her colleagues for her contribution toward growing and elevating the status of the Medical Genetics Program at the local,

provincial and national levels. Dr. Siu leads the participation of LHSC geneticists and other clinicians in national collaborative research initiatives including, FORGE (Finding of Rare Disease Genes in Canada) and the Care for Rare program.

Widely recognized for her work with the Amish and Mennonite communities,

Dr. Siu was instrumental in developing a program for screening babies born into these communities for serious, treatable genetic diseases. More recently, this program was expanded to include screening for parents at genetic risk of having affected babies, allowing for earlier diagnosis and management. As a result of this early identification, the quality of life for children affected by these disorders has been significantly improved and many lengthy acute care hospitalizations prevented.  

Dr. Siu is described by colleagues as “an incomparable human being – extraordinarily kind, sensitive and compassionate”. She is dedicated to ensuring that genetics is easily understood by the medical community, establishing herself as an award winning educator and mentor to undergraduate and post-graduate students, genetic counselors, geneticists and allied health professionals.


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