Heidi Braaksma

2016 Recipient

President’s Award for Leadership

Heidi Braaksma

Heidi is the Coordinator, Regional and Specialty Services in the Mental Health Care Program, and has been with LHSC for 26 years.

In her role, Heidi oversees several specialized ambulatory programs, including the Geriatric Mental Health Program, the Prevention and Early Intervention for Psychoses Program (PEPP) and the First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program (FEMAP). Members of each of these teams provided nomination letters outlining the ways in which Heidi has helped shape and grow these programs through her support, encouragement and guidance.

Heidi is regarded as a committed leader who is supportive of team-led initiatives. Constantly seeking ways to improve the patient experience,

Heidi encourages staff to bring their ideas forward, and does not hesitate to advocate on behalf of her team for resources necessary to enhance

program offerings when they would be of benefit to patients. Her nominators describe it this way: “she refuses to settle for offering only adequate care”.

Heidi recognizes that patient care extends beyond the hospital walls, and as a result, her leadership also extends into the community, through her work with key partner agencies integral in ensuring continuity of care for vulnerable patients.

The impact of Heidi’s leadership can possibly best be witnessed in the 42 signatures of support from her team on her nomination.

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