Janet Robinson

2013 Recipient

President’s Award for Community Service

Janet Robinson

Janet Robinson is a long-time registered nurse in the renal program at Victoria Hospital and for the past 25 years she has been making a difference in the lives of countless girls and young women in the community through her dedicated volunteer efforts with the Girl Guides of Canada.

Janet has held a number of volunteer positions with Girl Guides, most recently becoming the Area Community Leader for London. Janet is described as someone these young Guiders can go to for support, reassurance and advice at any time. She truly listens to what others have to say, providing insightful opinions and giving positive feedback.

Helping to plan a number of projects, trips and initiatives over the years, Janet’s leadership skills have helped to inspire her peers and Guiders to take pride in their work, and so many of the young women who have been under her guidance are more readily prepared for the world ahead of them.

As a trainer with Girls Guides of Canada, Janet teaches what she has learned over the years so that her knowledge and talent is passed along to other Guiders. Through her positive and enthusiastic attitude toward Guiding, Janet has encouraged young women to be resourceful, courageous, and to make a difference in their community.

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