Kathy Rosser

2010 Recipient

President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Work Together

Kathy Rosser

Kathy Rosser has been one of the communication clerks on the Clinical Neurosciences floor at University Hospital for 35 years. Each day Kathy interacts with nurses, allied health team members, PSAs, TSAs, staff and resident physicians and leaders from many disciplines across the organization.

Kathy received no less than 100 signatures of support from her colleagues who collectively nominated her for this prestigious award. Peers describe her as the hub of communication who sorts, filters and prioritizes patient activity for the day.

In every task she completes, she does so with respect for others’ conflicting priorities, and can be trusted to consistently strive to do the best for patients and their families. Described as a role model of collaborative practice, Kathy truly represents the values of London Health Sciences Centre and is a champion of how we work together.