Kimberly Schlegel

2015 Recipient

President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Work Together

Kimberly Schlegel headshot

Kimberly Schlegel is the Enhanced Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant with the Behavioural Response Team (BRT) at LHSC’s Mental Health Care Program.

Nominated by her colleagues in the Mental Health Care Program, Kimberly is described as a highly respected clinical lead whose integrity, emotional intelligence and learning agility create opportunity for the perspectives of others to be welcomed, heard and understood.

Kimberly has incorporated regular meetings for the BRT to elicit regular feedback on the team’s process, and always makes this forum friendly and an inviting way to improve the way the team cares for clients. For any meeting she schedules, she actively seeks out feedback from all invited members to contribute to the agenda so that everyone has the opportunity to bring up important issues to discuss.

Kimberly’s passion for her work in the geriatric field is contagious as she actively advocates for all members of the care team (including the client and their family). She seeks out partnerships within the community to assist with developing capacity to handle complex geriatric mental health cases. Nominators describe how her communication is a true asset to the program and is the reason why the program has such strong relationships with community partners.

By addressing conflict in a way that encourages communication and the development of common ground to find resolution, Kimberly works collaboratively with all LHSC and community partners and continuously self-reflects in an effort to evaluate her impact on others, but to also improve relationships and care practices.

Kimberly’s presence, strong work ethic and patient-centred care approach inspire and influence the success of the Behavioural Response Team. She leads through example and is present, supportive, creative, and effective. She continues to build positive relationships with the team, the hospital, and the community.

2015 Nominees

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