Linda Jagelewski

2014 Recipient

President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Work Together

Linda Jagelewski

Linda Jagelewski has been with LHSC’s cardiac team since 1985, and for the last three years has worked as the charge nurse of cardiac surgery in the operating room at LHSC’s University Hospital.

Nominated with the support of several different members of the cardiac surgery team, Linda consistently demonstrates LHSC’s core values of respect, trust and collaboration.

Upon becoming charge nurse, Linda and the cardiac team had a reduced number of trained nurses available. Linda had to train several new nurses in specific and difficult skills. Linda’s expertise and patient nature led these trainees to success within cardiac surgery. Linda is known for handling conflict with grace and fairness while advocating for patients and her nursing staff. Linda works with a multidisciplinary team within surgery, and she uses demonstrated communication, management, and training methods to ensure the nursing staff are ready and able to perform high-quality care.

Mutual feelings of trust, respect, and collaboration are displayed in Linda’s relationships with her colleagues. Her dedication and tireless efforts, paired with a positive attitude, inspire staff members to see Linda as the embodiment of these values when working together. She wears many hats: mentor, co-worker, leader, cheerleader, and many would add: friend.

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