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Living Our Core Values – How We Work Together


LHSC is looking to honour staff, physicians and volunteers whose demonstration of our values have made a significant difference to the lives of members of the staff in our hospital.

For the 2018 awards program, submissions can map to the previous or to the new core values as outlined below. The Selection Committee will assess the nominations in the following categories:

Respect, Trust and Collaboration OR Compassion, Teamwork, Curiosity and Accountability

Respect, Trust and Collaboration
Compassion, Teamwork, Curiosity and Accountability


The nominee:

  • Treats members of the hospital with respect
  • Takes responsibility for his/her actions and recognizes the accomplishments of others on the hospital team
  • Listens and seeks to understand the perspectives of others on the hospital team
  • Looks for the truth and makes it safe for others on the hospital team to share their views


The nominee:

  • Engages others with kindness, sensitivity and respect

  • Listens carefully to the needs of our patients and families in every interaction

  • Respects and values differences such as culture, gender identity, faith, sexual orientation, ethnicity and age, to drive a culture of inclusion

  • Seeks and understands the perspectives of those with whom they work in order to serve and support them as valuable members of the team


The nominee:

  • Works with conviction that each person on the hospital team will be treated honourably, ethically and with compassion in the delivery and support of each other and patient care
  • States clearly what he/she will do and ensures consistency between his/her actions and words - all the time; every time
  • Protects the members of the hospital team’s right to privacy and confidentiality
    speaks the truth and engages in dialogue that contributes to our shared purpose


The nominee:

  • Works together to serve others
  • Holds all those with whom they work as valued and trusted members of the team regardless of position, experience, or title
  • Functions effectively as part of one team committed to the needs of patients, their families, and one another
  • Celebrates the successes of others and support those on their team who are in need
  • Respects the perspectives and roles of others within and outside LHSC in order to foster open and transparent dialogue


The nominee:

  • Considers how his/her actions and decisions impact other members of the hospital team
  • Works with others in serving the greater good of our staff and patients
  • Builds healthy relationships in all of his/her interactions


The nominee:

  • Demonstrates a desire to gain knowledge through questioning and exploration
  • Gives themselves and others permission to question, and a freedom to explore and pursue new ways of achieving excellence
  • Respectfully challenges traditional thinking and encourages experimentation
  • Listens without judgment
  • Open to others bringing important and valuable perspectives to a situation
  • Fosters and values a learning culture and environment


The nominee:

  • Adheres to the highest standards of personal, professional and corporate responsibility
  • Accepts responsibility for decisions, actions and the outcomes expected of them
  • Pursues better ways to provide the highest quality of care and services
  • Acts as responsible steward of all resources
  • Creates a safe environment for everyone in our organization
  • Works with great integrity, ethics and professional standards

In addition, the nominee:

  • Holds others accountable for living the core values
  • Demonstrates the ability to inspire others to live the values
  • Advances the core values through formal or informal leadership

All staff, physicians and volunteers of LHSC, Lawson Health Research Institute (on LHSC payroll), London Health Sciences Foundation and Children's Health Foundation with at least one year of continuous service are eligible for this award.

Nomination materials:

Nomination form

(Note - letters must be different and unique of each other)

Fillable template letter (Respect, Trust and Collaboration)

Fillable template letter (Compassion, Teamwork, Curiosity and Accountability)