Lori O'Brien

2018 Recipient

President's Award for Living Our Core Values - How We Work Together

Lori O'Brien

Lori O’Brien is this year’s recipient of the President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Work Together. Lori is a Nursing Professional Practice Consultant, and has worked at LHSC for 22 years.

Over the past nine months, Lori’s focus has been on the development and implementation of new practices and tools for Transfer of Information & Accountability in preparation for Accreditation. This required organizational practice (ROP) improved patient safety by optimizing how and what staff communicate during transitions in care, which can be one of the most vulnerable care points of a patient’s admission or discharge from hospital.

The nomination letters in support of Lori demonstrates the compassion, teamwork, curiosity and accountability she shows during her interactions with colleagues and staff. Recognizing that any process change can result in mixed reactions, Lori displayed compassion and teamwork while influencing her colleagues to understand the importance of this initiative for patient care. Her curiosity and accountability were on display when developing the ROP and making sure it was implemented so that every person knew their role and responsibility during transitions.

Lori was appreciative and humbled to be nominated, but her nominators wrote that while Lori deserves recognition for living the core values every day and being quick to recognize others, her main motivation in her work is her passion for patient safety and the advancement of nursing professional practice.

2018 Nominees

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