Monique Prendergast

2010 Recipient

President’s Award for Leadership

Monique Prendergast

With more than 20 years of service to LHSC, Monique Prendergast is currently the manager of Physiotherapy Practice and the first recipient of the President’s Award for Leadership.

Colleagues describe Monique as forward-thinking, flexible and adaptable to change. Her enthusiasm in presenting new corporate ideas, understanding of complex issues and ability to deal with conflict resolution help her to inspire confidence, enthusiasm and buy-in from her staff.

Monique is very supportive of continuous education for her staff and actively encourages mentoring and teaching students and other members of the health care team. Her recognition of the importance of excellent patient care has helped to evolve the practice of physiotherapy at LHSC. She is recognized by her staff and colleagues for consistently going above and beyond expectations, and always completing her work with a positive attitude.