Pat Doyle-Pettypiece

2012 Recipient

President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Work Together


Pat Doyle-Pettypiece is currently a nurse practitioner in LHSC’s clinical neurological sciences (CNS), division of neurosurgery at University Hospital. She began her career at LHSC as a registered nurse nearly 28 years ago with the CNS department.

Nominated by her colleagues, Pat is described as the hub of the interdisciplinary team she works with. She places high importance on building healthy relationships with the entire team, which includes nurses, allied health professionals, physicians and support staff. Pat demonstrates respect for the unique perspective and expertise each discipline and team member has to contribute and makes a point to recognize the accomplishments and work of her colleagues. She not only develops collaborative relationships within her own team, but also serves as a trusted liaison with consulting medical teams from other departments.

Pat’s efforts to celebrate the CNS team can be seen within and beyond our hospital walls. For the past 20 years she has organized the annual Neuroradiology Appreciation Day at LHSC, which recognizes the contributions of the radiologists, technologists and support staff. She also serves as the organizer and tireless cheerleader for an annual neurosurgery-neurology baseball game which brings together staff, physicians and their families from the neuroscience unit and the operating room, helping to consolidate important relationships within the department and welcome new staff members, residents and fellows.

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