Rosemary Leitch

2014 Recipient

President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Serve Our Patients

Rosemary Leitch

Rosemary Leitch is a registered nurse in home hemodialysis at LHSC’s Kidney Care Centre. She has been working at LHSC for over 40 years.

For many years Rosemary has worked in various nursing roles within the Nephrology Service but especially in the home hemodialysis program. Rosemary has been at the forefront in London with the research and continued development of modalities for home hemodialysis therapy. Her position includes training patients on the use of their home dialysis machines, and their follow-up care which includes home visits, answering patient questions, and solving issues that arise.

Adjusting to a life of dialysis can be a difficult time for patients, but Rosemary validates patient’s anxiety and fears, works at a pace comfortable for the patient, and inspires confidence that patients and their families will be capable in assisting with their care. She empowers her patients.

Rosemary’s focus is always on the patient, and all the work and research she participates in is to create new and better ways of caring for them. This doesn’t mean the patient’s family and her co-workers don’t get the same kind, compassionate attention. Nominators write that Rosemary treats everyone as well as she would her own family.

Her reputation for patient care and home dialysis expertise is widely known, and Rosemary is often visited by nurses and doctors from the United States and Europe to learn about nocturnal home hemodialysis, and she speaks at numerous conferences and has published many articles on the topic.

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