Susan Collins

2012 Recipient

President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Serve Our Patients

Susan Collins

Until her recent retirement at the end of April 2012, Susan was a nurse practitioner, hematology/oncology at London Health Sciences Centre’s London Regional Cancer Program. She began her career at LHSC in 1999 in the adult inpatient oncology setting.

Nominated for her long-standing provision of knowledgeable and compassionate care to oncology patients and families, Susan’s colleagues describe her as a dedicated professional who takes the time to build relationships with each patient and their families, treating the whole person and not just the disease.

Many of the letters supporting Susan’s nomination for this award were received from former patients. Although each story is different, the lasting impression that Susan created and the exceptional care that she provided remained a constant. One of these lasting impressions came to us from the husband of a former patient. In the letter, he describes how Susan’s thoughtful communication style, personal touch, professionalism and actions made their journey through cancer a little easier to bear. For his family, “she provided inspiration at times of despair, laughter at times of great sadness and humility at times of great sorrow”.

Susan demonstrates our core values of respect, trust and collaboration in all that she does and is a tremendous source of inspiration to both her colleagues and her patients.

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