Susan Rosato

2012 Recipient

President’s Award for Innovation

Susan Rosato

Susan Rosato is currently the fitness program lead at LHSC. She first began her career as a registered nurse with LHSC in 1988 and is also a certified personal trainer.

Nominated for her development of an onsite fitness program – which makes it easier for staff to find a healthy balance between life and work demands – Susan’s passion and love for all-things fitness is evident to all who know her.

Motivated, upbeat and friendly are the words that are most often used to describe Susan. Her tireless efforts to build a healthier workplace have resulted in an innovative wellness offering that has been heralded by organizations across Canada and the United States for its wide variety of activities and classes, professional, encouraging instructors and onsite convenience. Testimonials from the program’s participants and by those who nominated her for this award state that the benefits realized not only include weight loss and increased energy and strength, but also feelings of improved morale and reduced stress throughout the workday.

Today, LHSC’s fitness program has evolved beyond the pilot stage and is now a permanent offering for all staff, physicians, students and volunteers at LHSC. With over 33,000 visits in the program’s first 11 months it was clear that Susan’s innovative initiative has been widely embraced by the organization.

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