Vimla Harry

2010 Recipient

President’s Award for Community Service

Vimla Harry

Vimla Harry is a medical lab technologist in the molecular pathology laboratory, Department of Pathology at University Hospital.

Since 1996, Vimla has been volunteering with the Sunfest–London Committee for Cross Cultural Arts (LCCCA), a non-profit organization which presents several events annually including Sunfest, a free, volunteer-run world music festival. Vimla has been the volunteer coordinator at Sunfest for past 14 years. Thanks to her enthusiasm, the volunteer program has become an essential aspect of Sunfest’s operations and provided numerous opportunities for individuals of all ages and socio-cultural backgrounds to participate in the festival. For the past several years, Vimla has also served as the president of the Sunfest-LCCCA Board of Directors.

Through Vimla’s dedication and commitment to London’s community and her ability to inspire others, Sunfest has helped to create a tolerant, respectful community where people of diverse cultural backgrounds can celebrate multiculturalism together.