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What we Heard

Working Together to Shape the Future of Health Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020 was built from extensive internal and external consultation. Input was gathered through leader facilitated sessions with over 1,000 staff members; retreats with the LHSC board of directors, physician leaders, and senior leadership; and focus groups and interviews with other stakeholders including patients and families.


It is wonderful that LHSC has amplified the voice and input of patient and family advisors to this new level. I was pleased to a part of the forward thinking strategic planning process.
Anita Sutton, Co-chair of Strategic Planning Steering Committee


Patients and families are central to the work of LHSC. As a patient advisor, it is validating and meaningful to have a voice on behalf of patients while participating in this level of planning for the hospital.
Kirk Patterson, member of Strategic Planning Steering Committee


Feedback was garnered in the development as well as the consolidation phase and included iterative refinement of the plan.

Key themes identified through the engagement sessions include:

  • The importance of the tripartite mission as an academic health organization, including the need for specific strategies that reflect a commitment to support this mandate at all levels of leadership and across all aspects of the organization;

  • The renewed organizational focus on quality and safety, including strategies to address current issues and achieve consistent performance in all programs and services;

  • The need to functionally optimize the organization for future success by balancing effective financial stewardship with the need for prudent investments to enable a culture committed to scholarly enquiry and innovation;

  • The requirement to help create the health-care system of tomorrow by partnering more effectively with system partners; and

  • The potential to advance population health goals through initiatives to enable better health outcomes by focusing on priority population and system needs.