Assessment Process:

Individuals interested in accessing services will receive an initial assessment and treatment recommendations from the program. Once your assessment has been completed, the clinical team will collaborate with you to develop a plan of care.

What to Expect During and Following Assessment:

All assessments are completed by a clinician and are approx. 2.5 hours in length. Assessment will include a review of presenting problem(s), medical status, substance use, mood symptoms, anxiety symptoms, trauma, family and general functioning history.

Following the assessment, you will be contacted by the assigned case manager to discuss treatment recommendations and planning.

Medical monitoring is provided by your current primary care professional.

As this service is voluntary in nature, at any point you may decline further care with the option of re-referral after 2 months. A new referral would be required after 6 months. 

It is important to note that all medical and psychiatric care remains with your medical practitioner, with the exception of when one is in intensive treatment.