Adult Eating Disorders Service (AEDS)

Relapse Prevention Services

Phase II

Those who have completed an intensive eating disorder treatment program can move onto the next stage in treatment by attending Phase II. This phase of treatment includes morning group sessions twice per week for 8 weeks. These sessions end with a meal that is brought in by the patients. By design, phase II assists people to continue:

  • to reinforce learning and skill use practiced in the day treatment service;
  • to develop an individualized relapse prevention plan that includes how to use skills and treatment tools to manage potential and actual setbacks; and
  • to anticipate circumstances that may increase the risk of setbacks and proactively plan for them.

Phase III

After completion of Phase II, patients are then invited to continue services with AEDS by attending Phase III. This service provides an opportunity for patients to meet in a group format to review their individualized relapse prevention plan and process any identified challenges. Phase III provides group based treatment that occurs in two stages. For the first two months, patients can attend biweekly group sessions on Wednesday’s from 4-530pm as well as participate in the Friday groups in Phase II. After the two months, patients would transition to attending biweekly on Wednesdays only.